Bird feeding with sunflower seeds
Our little friends deserve our attention!
Birds especially need feeding in the tough winter months. If you wish to buy sunflower seed as bird food in bulk - min. 25kg - we are more than happy to help you.
Madáretetés, madáreledel, madáreleség, madarak etetése - napraforgómaggal

Bird feed in bulk

During the tough winter months lots of tiny birds need our help. Sunflower seed is essential to make them happy and survive beside fat, fruits and other seeds. You can buy your little friend tasty sunflower seeds at a minimum of 25 kilograms.

Sunflower seed as bird food

Sunflower seed is rich in vitamins and minerals, and this makes it a serious help in the tight winter months, where food is barely found. It is very useful if the sunflower seed offered to the birds is littered, and maybe contains furrow-weed seeds, or small pieces of broken seeds, because this allows the birds with weaker beads as well to find some nutrition for themselves.

Winter bird feeding

During the winter months we can facilitate the survival of birds with high-energy and nourishing food. From the end of October, till the end of March (maybe even until mid April, depending on the weather) we should keep our  feeders continually filled.